Perlis is adequately served with a good network of roads and highway. The North – South Highway, which transverses Peninsular Malaysia leads to the door of Perlis. Another highway is from Kuala Perlis to Changloon in Kedah and connects to the North – South Highway. Perlis is also connected through a network of railways to and from the port facilities in Penang and major cities in Thailand, Indo China, and China. Airport in Alor Setar is just a mere 45 minute drive from Kangar. Penang International Airport provides air cargo facilities and is only 2 hours by road from Kangar.



Direct access to Penang Port by train will take 6-7 hours base on single track. Double tracking is under construction and will be completed in 2013 where the journey will be reduced to 3 hours.


Sea Port

One of the major marine landing sites at Kuala Perlis.




Perlis has facilities that provided by Independent Power Plant (Technology Tenaga Perlis Consortium Sdn. Bhd.). The supply capacity is 650MW base on one block compress of 3 unit gases turbines.




Provided by Public Work Department. Dedicate main supply from Timah Tasoh Dam with water treatment plant. The supply capacity is 100 Million Litter per day as per WHO standard.